36 Google Employees Fired For Data Abuse


Google is said to have fired 36 of its employees in 2020 due to security concerns, mostly due to misuse of confidential data.
In an internal Google document obtained by Motherboard, of the 36 people fired, 86% were due to errors in handling confidential information, such as providing internal data to outside parties.

Then 10% of it is due to system abuse, such as accessing user or employee data, or even helping outsiders to access data.

The number of workers fired due to security concerns has increased over the past two years. That’s 26 people in 2019 and 18 people in 2018, but Google itself admits that shooting isn’t the only way to address the problem.

Another way is to provide further warnings and training for employees who make mistakes in handling data.

“The examples in question are mostly related to the misuse of company information or sensitive IP (intellectual property),” a Google spokesperson said.

“With respect to user data, we strictly prohibit employees from accessing it with the most advanced protections in the industry, including restricting access to user data to certain individuals, mandatory authorization to access data, some level of review before access to sensitive data is granted, and monitoring anomalies and access violations, "he added.

Google also noted that the number of these violations, whether intentional or not, is relatively low. Each employee is given training annually, and we investigate all allegations and violations, the result of which is the punishment described above.

Historically, cases of data misuse by employees of technology companies have occurred several times. That includes Facebook, which fired 52 people from 2014 to 2015 for that reason. One is the case of an engineer who used employee access to find the woman who left him.
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