Wow! There are Adult Scenes in Sakura School Simulator

 An Android and iOS game titled Sakura School Simulator was caught containing several adult scenes. Not only hugging and kissing, there are even scenes that resemble the intimate relationship movements of the two characters.

It was Youtuber San Gaming who revealed this. He also shared his personal experience in doing all these activities. In a room, the player begins to demonstrate positions that correspond to sex scenes in general.

Through the features offered by the developer, San began to arrange it in such a way, to make it look like intercourse. It started with a kiss, then continued with a hug until it ended both male and female characters sleeping on the bed.

It's just that, based on our experience trying it, to be able to do a kissing scene one must have the status of a boyfriend. If they are just friends, they will automatically be rejected by the other person.

The worrying thing, Sakura School Simulator is also accessible to children. Even though the recommended age limit is 18+ on the Google Play Store and 12+ on the App Store, your little one can still enjoy it. Not to mention if the cellphone used to install belongs to the parents.

Showing adult scenes like this in the game, is not the first time this has happened. Because in the game made by Roblox Corporation entitled Roblox, there are some players who can do it easily.

As revealed by Olympus Stuff on its Youtube channel. He caught the unnatural activity of two gamers, each using a male and female avatar. Then the two of them started carrying out their actions, from talking to undressing their characters.

Roblox itself is an online game, which is a place for sexual predators to act. Like an 11-year-old child in Somerset, England, where the perpetrator was targeted. The victim was contacted through the online chat feature provided by the developer.

The sex predator intimidated the boy, into sending a sexual video. By threatening, that his family will be harmed if he does not do what he asks.

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