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So far, Samsung seems to have no opponent in the folding screen phone market. But now they have to be vigilant even though the devices they make have special abilities.

One by one its competitors gave birth to foldable devices that would be tough opponents. Oppo Find N is one of them, the device announced at the end of 2021 is so impressive.

Although conceptually similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Oppo managed to provide a number of aspects that made its first folding screen cellphone so fun to use. Here's the Oppo Find N hands-on.


Oppo Find N appears so compact, when folded the dimensions are so small in the hand. When compared, this phone is smaller than the iPhone 13 Pro and Galaxy S21 FE.

As a result, operating the Find N front screen with one hand is so easy. Fingers can reach every corner, navigation is so easy thanks to ColorOS 12.

But indeed the weight of this phone is quite heavy, which is 275 grams. It's a bit different from the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which has a mass of 271 grams.

Even so heavy Find N can be tolerated considering the foldable device is likened to two phones put together. The thickness itself is 15.9 mm, it is still comfortable to store in a jeans pocket even though it looks protruding.

Once the inner screen is stretched out, the dimensions of the Find N resemble that of a small notebook. We had time to compare it with the iPad Mini 6, the width is the same only the body is less long than Apple's newest tablet.

The variant that we tested is Purple, it looks beautiful especially when it is reflected in the light. While the frame carries a metal material with a glossy finish to strengthen the premium impression.

There is a camera module on the back that sticks out a bit. At the bottom there is a USB Type C port, SIM card slot and speakers, while on the right side there are volume settings and the power button which is integrated with the fingerprint sensor.

Unfortunately Find N doesn't have an IP certificate yet. But Oppo says that this phone can withstand splashes of water, including rain. For added durability, Gorilla Glass Victus covers the outside and inside.

Wrinkle Free in the Folds

Oppo answers a complaint that is often raised on folding screen mobile devices, namely wrinkles on the folds of the screen. Find N is completely free of all that.

Not only that, we didn't notice any gaps in the crease area. The two halves stick together when folded. When pasted paper, Find N can clamp it so hard.

How did Oppo achieve this? Oppo engineers managed to put together 136 components with extreme precision of up to 0.01 mm, ensuring the hinge works as smoothly as the joints in the human body.

The hinge design is made like a water drop so that it can widen the fold angle of the screen and offer support when folded. This implementation practically eliminates gaps between screens when folded, offers a more integrated display and better protects the inner screen from scratches.

The structure in the hinge allows the device to stand freely when opened between 50 and 120 degrees. Maximizing this capability, Oppo brings the FlexForm Mode feature to the Find N giving users the flexibility to adapt the device to various usage scenarios.

So far, only the default application supports this mode. Oppo will have to collaborate with Google and third-party developers so that the app can use FlexForm mode before it is released globally.


The outer screen measures 5.49 inches with an 18: 9 ratio and AMOLED panel. The resolution is 1,972 x 988 pixels and the refresh rate is 60Hz.

While on the inside there is a 7.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1,792 x 1,920 pixels. Because using an LTPO OLED panel makes the refresh rate dynamic, between 1-120Hz.

The inside ratio is 8.4:9 so square. So there is no need to rotate the phone while watching or open other applications to get the best ratio.

Both Oppo Find N displays provide 10,240 auto brightness levels, ensuring user comfort in a variety of complex lighting situations, with peak brightness up to 1,000 nits.

The quality of the Find N screen is like other Oppo premium phones. Presents colors with excellent accuracy. Thanks to HDR10 and HDR10+ support, enjoying Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix content is satisfying.


The Oppo Find N comes with a triple camera setup for high-quality photos and videos. Embedded a 50 MP camera with a Sony IMX 766 sensor, combined with a 16 MP ultra-wide lens and a 13 MP telephoto lens.

There is a 32 MP selfie camera on the inner and outer screens placed in the punch hole. Combined with FlexForm Mode, Oppo Find N gives users a more exciting camera experience.


Oppo capitalizes on the Find N with Snapdragon 888 and 8 GB of LPPDR5 RAM. When used, the performance of this phone is smooth.

The transition from the home screen to the inside is smooth, as is running multiple apps. But it must be further tested the actual ability of this Find N.

Our opinion

The Oppo Find N is so impressive. Its compact dimensions make this folding screen phone comfortable and convenient to use.

The absolute advantage of the Find N that similar devices don't have is the absence of wrinkles at the folds. Thus increasing the appeal of foldable phones.

Hopefully Oppo brings it to the market. However, there is homework that must be completed, namely making the application able to take advantage of FlexForm mode so that the use of this cellphone is maximized.

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