eMADANI RM100 Credit Redemption – What do MAE, Setel, ShopeePay and TNG eWallet Offer?

 Good news for everyone when RM100 eMadani program credit can be redeemed starting today, 4 December 2023. It can be redeemed through four participating applications such as MAE, Setel, ShopeePay and Touch 'n Go eWallet with only one redemption. This means that you can only select one application for the redemption process and not all applications. Please be reminded that this process takes 24 hours to 5 days from the date of application.

Apart from RM100 there are also various additional incentives in the form of vouchers, cash back, discounts or reward points are also given throughout the duration of this program. However, it should also be noted that its use can only be physically spent until 29 Feb 2024. After that deadline, unused eMADANI credit will automatically expire.

The following are among the rewards offered according to participating applications:

1. MAE

Chance to win prizes worth RM5000,000 in total.

Among them are the new Proton S70 sedan, Proton Exora, Proton Saga, Honda 2023 RSX V2, MSI Gaming Laptop, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Sony X80L Series Television and PS5.

Each redemption is eligible to receive 10X entries, then scan and pay using RM100 MAE credit will receive 2X entries. The more entries, the easier it is to win.

In addition, there is also a Tap, Track, Win campaign that offers a cashback of RM36 by completing the tracker in the MAE application.

2. Setel

5% cash back for every fuel with spending amounting to RM10 (reward given 50 times).

5% cash back for purchases at friendly stores with a purchase amount of RM10 (reward given 10 times).

RM10 cashback for purchases at Petronas Shop with a total of RM200 (rewarded 5 times).

10% cash back for selected partner merchants including Mydin, Dunkin Donut, Bask Bear and others (for a minimum spend of RM5).

10% cashback on vehicle insurance with Setel for any amount purchased (for a maximum of RM 300 cashback).

Redemption of credit through the Setel application can also be used for a variety of things such as filling up fuel at Petronas, paying using Setel QR and DuitNow QR, shopping at friendly stores and eating and drinking at more than 40 friendly cafe branches.

3. ShopeePay

RM5 discount for delivery to Sabah or Sarawak (2 vouchers given).

11% cash back Shopee coins with a purchase amount of RM40 (2 vouchers given).

70% discount for purchases through ShopeeLive with a purchase amount of RM5 (10 vouchers given).

RM3 discount for ShopeeFood delivery with a purchase amount of RM15 (Reward given 15 times).

25% discount for ShopeeFood with a purchase amount of RM15 (Reward given 10 times).

RM5, RM7 or RM8 discount for SPayLater Online with purchase amount between RM50, RM70 and RM80 (4 vouchers given).

RM2, RM4, RM8 or RM11 discount for SPayLater Offline with purchases between RM50, RM60, RM110 and RM130 (4 vouchers given).

RM30 cash back for vehicle insurance with Shopee for any amount purchased.

There is also a Spin & Win Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 campaign that offers the smartphone as a grand prize but cannot be exchanged for cash.

4. Touch 'n Go eWallet

Exclusive reward in the form of 1,000 reward points through GOrewards.

Vouchers, discounts and cashback worth RM500 for bill payments, grocery purchases, food and shopping through the following partners :-


Terms of application for RM100 eMADANI credit:


Aged 21 years & above in 2023.

Rahmah Cash Donation Recipients (STR) based on records as of November 7, 2023;

Or income below RM100,000/year.

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