World's Fastest Internet Speed Record Now 22.9 petabit/s – 22 Times Overall Global Internet Traffic Data

 According to an Ookla report early last month, Malaysia's 5G internet speed is the third fastest in the world with an average of 485.25 Mbps. This is a speed that just five years ago was considered impossible. However, the world's fastest internet speed record is now 47,216,494 times faster!

The record returned to the hands of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan after successfully transferring data at a speed of 22.9 petabit/s (Pbps). A very high increase compared to the previous record of 1.84 Pbps belonging to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Chalmers University of Technology recorded last year. With a speed of 22.9 Pbps, the entire world's current internet data traffic (0.997 Pbps) can be done more than 22 times per second.

This large amount of data is transferred via a cable with 38 fiber glass cores. Theoretically, the same system can achieve a speed of 24.7 Pbps through optimization and reduce errors when the signal is sent.

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