Ghozali Called a Billionaire Thanks to NFT, Chef Arnold said this


The virtual world was shocked by the actions of Ghozali, whose selfies were selling well and were sold as NFT. But apparently there are many who misunderstand the achievement of the owner of the Twitter account @Ghozali_Ghozalu.

Chef Arnold Poernomo, who is an activist and collector of NFT, was worried to see many media saying that Ghozali earned billions of rupiah from his selfie photo collection. In fact, it's not that big.

"There is a lot of misinformation in the media that Ghozali made Rp. 13 billion, it's not true, it's not like that, it's trading volume," said Chef Arnold when contacted by us via telephone, Thursday (13/1/2022).

"That's how buyers and traders also buy the set price. Until the price is 30 million, we are the buyers who buy and continue to sell. If we buy 50 dollars, it's impossible for us to sell 30 dollars," he continued.

Currently, the Ghozali Everyday collection sold through OpenSea has a trading volume of 297 ETH with prices starting at 0.28 ETH. If converted, the trading volume of the collection will reach Rp. 14.2 billion.

Chef Arnold added that not all of the trading volume went into Ghozali's pocket. NFT artists who sell their work through OpenSea usually benefit from their work being resold through commissions and royalties.

The man who is the judge for Master Chef Indonesia said that NFT artists usually set their own royalty percentage. In the case of Ghozali, the royalty he charges is 10%.

According to Chef Arnold NFT is an example of Web3, a future concept where the internet will be based on blockchain and decentralized. In contrast to Web 2.0 where data and content are centralized in large technology companies.

"For the company from the community, the concept is Web2 and we are the users who monetize ourselves for the company, it's all normal. Now on Web3, this is the community that builds the project, it's the community that builds the brand," explained Chef Arnold.

"We are part of the marketing and part of the branding. We believe in the founders," he concluded.

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