Good News, Touch n Go GO+ Now Shariah Compliant


The news we've been waiting for. The GO+ feature in the TnG eWallet application is now shariah compliant.

In March 2021, Touch n Go made a surprise when they prepared

GO+ service on the TnG eWallet app. They are the first eWallet provider

which offers such a service.

Unfortunately, at this time the GO+ service is not shariah compliant. This is because of the money inside

GO+ is then invested in which Principal e-Cash Fund money market fund

it is not shariah compliant.

However on 16 August 2021, the Principal changed and updated the fund’s prospectus

This is the principal e-Cash Fund. Investment objectives have been converted to money market instruments

shariah compliant islam where their shariah advisor is Amanie Advisor.

For your information, the Go+ function allows you to transfer the remaining part

TNG eWallet account (minimum RM 10) to be invested in a unit trust fund or

some people refer to it as a unit trust that invests in the money market


The return on investment in the money market is almost the same as fixed deposits. What

what differentiates is that fixed deposits have a lock-in period which is a non-stop period

can withdraw money but the money market is so liquid that it can be withdrawn at any time

and the profit rate is based on the daily profit rate.

That's why you who have a business, I strongly encourage you to put some money

Your company’s ‘floating money’ into the money market. It gives a near profit

similar to fixed deposits but with higher liquidity. If you don't know, son

What do you do, I can help you.

Isn't this GO+ feature interesting?

There are three steps to activate this GO+ feature:

1. Complete account verification - you will need to submit ID and personal information

you through Touch ‘n Go eWallet

2. Update your personal information in Touch ‘n Go eWallet

3. Receive confirmation that your registration was successful, and you can already

transfer your credit to GO+

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