Apple Survey iPad Mini Screen Size, Isn't It Big?


Apple conducted a survey of iPad Mini users on the screen size, after previously rumored to release the iPad Mini with a new design.
It seems that Apple wants to make sure what users want about the screen size of the small version of the iPad, as quoted from Cult of Mac, Thursday (8/8/2021).

Currently the iPad Mini is the only iPad that has not undergone a design change like its other siblings. The inner is constantly being improved - most recently in 2019 with the iPad Mini 5, but its design is unlike any other iPad.

The design of the existing iPad Mini is still the same as when Apple launched the first generation iPad Mini in November 2012, aka almost 9 years ago. In fact, now Apple has adopted a different design style, namely a screen with a thin bezel and without Touch ID, then a flat edge.

In a review conducted by Apple, they asked if the screen on the current iPad Mini (7.9 inches) is too small, a little too small, precise, a little too big, or too big.

Interestingly, although the latest variant of the iPad Mini is the 5th generation iPad Mini released in 2019, Apple chose to refer to the screen measurements on the 2015 iPad Mini 4, even though both have the same design.

This isn’t the first time Apple has conducted a consumer survey on design and other things. Previously they have also conducted a survey related to the presence of chargers in the iPhone sales package.

In the survey, Apple asked why consumers don’t use chargers in sales packages. The results of the survey were not made public, but the iPhone 12 line that launched a few months after the survey no longer includes the charger in the sales package.

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