4 Ways to Prevent Personal Data from Being Stolen by Hackers

 The rise of cyber crime has made users of social media services (medsos) worried that their data could be stolen. Well, it's a good idea for those of you who are active on social media to know how to protect personal data.

Personal data is something that needs to be strictly fortified, so that it is not misused by cybercriminals which of course makes victims lose.

The personal data in question, starting from the date of birth, email, and phone number, which is a requirement to register when accessing social media. If it falls into the hands of criminals, the victim can suffer material and non-material losses.

Likee, which is a short video platform, shares simple but powerful tips for protecting the personal data of social media users. Here are the tips:

1. Don't just give personal data to unknown people

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Must be careful with numbers or emails that are not recognized at all. Especially when you're not doing anything with your social media that requires data verification. It could be that they are irresponsible people who want to ask for your data, so they can hack your account and use it for crimes.

The thing to do is that it's a good idea to make sure the number and email address you receive are official from the social media first.

Be careful, be careful if you receive suspicious links on behalf of certain parties, who then ask for your personal data for the verification process. Check first with the official contact of the mentioned party, before providing the requested data. This will prevent you from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

2. Keep Passwords To Yourself

Passwords are created so that only you can access social media accounts. Remember, in social media accounts stored a lot of personal data stored. You may even have entered the debit or credit card number used for transactions. So, keeping your social media passwords confidential is a must.

3. Create a strong password and change it regularly

Keeping the password secret is not enough. The irresponsible people out there have lots of ways to try to hack and find out the passwords that you created.

For that, you should create a strong password, which usually consists of a combination of alphabet, numeric, and punctuation. Also avoid using personal data such as date of birth. In addition, as much as possible the password is changed periodically so that it is not easily tracked or known to others.

4. Enable the Two-Step Verification Feature

In general, social media provides a two-step verification feature to provide additional security. This feature helps us to avoid criminal acts that try to steal our personal account. When the two-step verification feature is activated, you will be asked to enter a six-digit pin when logging in to an account on another device.

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