5 Ways to Download Videos on Facebook

 Are you looking for a way to download videos from Facebook? we provide several alternatives to download videos on FB.

Not surprisingly, there are many inspiring and interesting videos on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook is a social media that has many users. Fortunately downloading videos on Facebook can be done without or with the application.

But remember, do not carelessly download videos from Facebook. Do not use it again for commercial purposes and first check whether it is copyrighted. If it's safe and for personal use, please continue.

Below, there are our recommendations for downloading videos on Facebook with the app:

1. Video Downloader for Facebook

Using Rimal Capital's 'Video Downloader for Facebook' is the first way to download videos on Facebook.

How to use it, download Video Downloader for Facebook. Open the application, then select the Facebook option. Then login to your Facebook account. The next step is to find the video you want to download. Then, click the Download option. The video will be saved automatically.

2. FastVid

Furthermore, downloading videos from Facebook can use the FastVid application. To download videos with the help of this application, the method is simple. Make sure you have downloaded the FastVid application. On the main page of the application, login using your Facebook account. Find the video you want to download then click the 'Download' option. You can choose the video quality and the video is automatically downloaded.

Want to download Facebook videos without an app? There is also a way to use a number of sites.

3. FBDown.net

The online site for downloading videos from Facebook is FBDown.net. The trick, open the Facebook application first and then log in using your FB account. Find the video you want to download then click the three dots in the upper corner. Select the option to 'copy the link' of the video.

After that, open the fbdown.net page, then paste the link in the column. Click 'Download'. Select the video quality you want to download. Click 'Download' again.

4. Downloadvideosfrom.com

Besides being able to download videos on Facebook, Downloadvideosfrom.com can also be used to download MP3s with the best quality.

How to download videos from Facebook is almost the same as the others. Find the video you want to download, copy the link, then open the Downloadvideosfrom.com web and click the 'Download MP4' option.

5. Dredown.com

If you want to download videos on Facebook, then you can go through the Dredown.com site. Like the steps above, copy the Facebook video link that you want to download. Go to dreddown.com then paste the video link. Choose the video quality according to your wishes. Done, okay.

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