Crazy! Pregnant Man Controversial Emoji Ready To Release

 Two controversial emojis are set to be released this year by the Unicode Consortium, the organization that approves various emojis. Imagine, the emoji shows a man who is pregnant.

 The Unicode Consortium included the pregnant man emoji for the release of version 14.0 which will hit smartphones this year. One emoji is referred to as 'Pregnant man' and the other 'Pregnant Person'.

Pregnant man refers to a man who can get pregnant while the Pregnant person is gender neutral, it can be for men or women. According to the Unicode Consortium, the emoji acknowledges that pregnancy is possible for transgender men and is not exclusive to women. Then there are emojis to facilitate it.

"A gender does not determine the capacity to bear children. This is not a new phenomenon. Although the vast majority of people who conceive and give birth are identified as women, there are intersex and transmen men who can become pregnant," they said.

Of course not everyone agrees with this statement. In addition, netizens also doubt who will want to use such an emoji.

"Maybe I can count on one finger who asked for this kind of pregnant man emoji." "I don't hate trans people but who would wear that emoji?" asked netizens.

"Someone once told me they made a pregnant man emoji. I thought it was a joke but it's true," wrote another on Twitter.

"Absolutely ridiculous, the fact is men can't get pregnant." "The world has gone crazy. The laws of nature are mocked and ignored," said another regarding this controversial emoji.

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