Easy Ways to Make Instagram Reels Using HP


Reels made by Instagram have become increasingly popular lately, as can be seen from the increasing number of users who post short videos on their accounts. If you want to join in, here's an easy way to make Instagram Reels using your cellphone (HP).

Before starting to create Reels content, make sure the Instagram application on your cellphone is the latest version. After that make sure the camera is in good condition to record video.

Then just follow the steps below:

Easy Ways to Make Instagram Reels Using HP

1. Open the Instagram app

2. Press the + icon at the top, then select the Reels option in the bottom menu. Or press the Reels icon at the bottom, followed by the camera icon at the top

3. If you want to post a video that is already stored on your phone, just press the button in the lower left corner. To record videos from the Instagram app, you first need to make settings using the buttons on the left.

There is a 5 second recording option, but many recommend creating 30 and 60 second videos. There are options to choose playback speed from 1X to 5X, filters and more

Once everything is ready, tap the record button to take a video

4. After the video is recorded, add the music you like or are currently popular

5. Add effects to make the video more interesting

6. When you have finished polishing, just post the video.

Reels can be displayed in the Feed allowing followers to view the video. This way Reels will be seen by a wider audience, especially if a hashtag is added.

Tips To Get Many Liked Videos

Do the things below so that the videos you make are liked by the audience

Create entertaining and fun content (get their attention, make them laugh, or surprise them)

You can also make inspiring videos that others can easily follow

Use creative tools like text, filters or camera effects

Videos that are well made are vertical

Use music from Instagram's music library and/or original audio available on Reels

Don't forget to experiment! Try something new but still be yourself

Don't do this on Reels content

Blurred, out of focus and low resolution content

Text covered video

Doesn't meet Instagram's Community Guidelines

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