FF Advance Server Has Been Opened, Join Now!

 The Free Fire (FF) Advance Server has been opened, players can log in from now, 9 to 16 September 2021. However, there are several steps that must be taken to participate.

First of all Survivors must register through the official website ff-advance.ff.garena.com. After that login using personal Facebook.

Keep in mind, the registered Facebook account must be detected as joining the Free Fire account. Otherwise, the registration process will fail.

After success, you will be asked to fill in three fields, starting from the account name, email and active mobile number. Then, simply click on the 'Join Now' button.

Just for the record, make sure you have large storage or storage space. Because after joining, ineters must download the available APK, specifically for Android devices with a size of 721 MB.

The last step, Survivors simply enter the activation code, which if lucky, Garena will send it to the email.

But unfortunately, currently there are some obstacles experienced by the players. Many of them complain, can't get into Advance Server even though they have typed the code correctly.

As written by Claudio Hervian's account, where he has not been able to log in until now. Then there was Farhan Syach Rezy, who said that the activation code he typed was wrong, even though he felt it was correct.

Advance Server FF itself, is a program provided by Garena for fans, so they can try new features and characters before their release on the normal server.

Survivors also have the opportunity, to help and provide feedback regarding the bugs in it.

"For you Bug Hunters, you also have the opportunity to get a Diamond prize, if you find a bug in the Advance Server," wrote Garena Free Fire.

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