Finally, Apple Releases New iPad Mini


Apple has finally updated its iPad mini series with the release of the iPad Mini 6 with a new design that is similar to other iPad lines, including the iPad Pro.

The iPad Mini is Apple's smallest tablet, and they've increased the screen size from 7.9 inches to 8.3 inches in this latest generation. Interestingly, the dimensions remain the same as the previous iPad mini.

This can be done because the screen has thin bezels, just like the iPad Pro and iPad Air. This display panel uses a Liquid Retina Display panel instead of a Mini LED like the latest iPad Pro 13. The power button is integrated with the Touch ID sensor, located at the top right.

In addition to the new design, Apple has also changed its flagship Lightning port into a USB-C port. There is also a 5G connectivity option, in addition to the WiFi only option of course. The rear and front cameras have been upgraded, with a 12MP ultrawide camera for the front camera with the Center Stage feature.

The processor used in the iPad Mini 6 is A15, and Apple claims CPU performance is 40% faster than the A12 Bionic used in the iPad Mini 5 and GPU performance is 80% faster. There is also support for the latest Apple Pencil, including support for wireless charging.

In addition to the iPad Mini 6, Apple also released the 9th generation iPad from the first iPad released in 2010. The main update is the A13 Bionic processor, as well as a 12MP front camera that supports Center Stage.

Except for the processor and front camera, you could say there is no change compared to the previous generation iPad. Screen, bezel, rear camera, and Lightning port. This new processor according to Apple is 20% faster than the previous model. The first generation Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard are also compatible with this iPad 9.

The iPad, which will ship with iPadOS 15, has an increased minimum storage capacity, from 32GB to 64GB at the same cheapest price. The iPad Mini 6 starts at USD 499 and the iPad 9 starts at USD 329.

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