God of War Ragnarok Gameplay Revealed in Latest Trailer

 God of War Ragnarok, the latest series from its predecessor in 2018, has finally released how the gameplay is through a short 3-minute trailer. All was revealed at the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase.

"We, Santa Monica Studio, are very excited to finally be able to share a real look at God of War Ragnarok for the first time, to all the fans who have been so patiently waiting," said Grace Orlady, Sr. Community Manager at Santa Monica Studio.

In their description, they carry a story, from several years after the events of the 2018 God of War series, where the thrilling adventures of Kratos and Atreus are more challenging than ever.

"We briefly showed the two main antagonists, which players will face in God of War Ragnarok, namely Freya and Thor," wrote Oraldy.

He explains that they want to remind players of Freya, where she is not only a Vanir magic user but also the character is a very formidable warrior.

"As a team, we've worked hard to take lessons from God of War 2018 and improve combat to make it feel fresh and familiar to players," Oraldy wrote.

Oraldy added that one of the goals of this latest series is to offer players various alternatives when in battle. Later, there will be Atreus' newest Runic Summon and the return of Kratos' legendary weapon.

God of War Ragnarok itself, is included in the action-adventure category, with various exciting game mechanics and of course spoiling all gamers. Then Santa Monica Studio, is the developer who is responsible for all the beauty in it.

Through Sony Interactive Entertainment, this adventure game will come to PlayStation in 2022. At least God of War Ragnarok will be ready to launch on PS4 and the next-gen console, PS5.

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