How to Crop and Resize Images Online & Offline Easily


Maybe for some people, cropping and resizing images is quite difficult to do. Therefore, we have compiled information from various sources, regarding how to do it.

These tips and tricks will be divided into two categories, namely offline and online. So that ineters can adjust themselves, which step is right to do.

Here's how to crop and resize images, through several online and offline applications.

Previously, it should be emphasized first, that the offline method is available for those who have a computer device, either a PC or a laptop. Because this is focused on photo editing applications, which are embedded from Microsoft and Adobe Family.

1. Microsoft Paint

First, you can do it very easily using Microsoft's built-in feature, namely Paint. As the name suggests, this application is used in activities related to images, such as photos instead of videos.

Follow the steps:

Open Paint or to make it easier to find, just type related keywords in the search menu.

Place the image you want to crop, in two ways, namely dragging it directly into the application or clicking the file menu and selecting open.

Click Select on the Home menu, then after adjusting the size, press the Crop or Resize button.

The final step is simply to Save or Save As as needed.

2. Adobe Photoshop

The second is using an image editing application, namely Adobe Photoshop. Maybe this will take more effort, where you have to install Adobe Family first.

However, during the installation process, ineters simply choose Photshop. The goal is not to take up too much storage on the laptop or PC.

Follow the steps:

Open Photoshop

Enter the image you want to use, by clicking the File menu and selecting Open.

Then use the Crop Tools on the left.

Then adjust the image you want to use.

The final step is simply to Save or Save As with a smaller size. Can also Save for Web to save the image.

On line

I Love Image

For the following method, you only need to visit Google and type in the search, namely iloveimg. You can also click on the following link: I Love Image.

After that tap the Crop Image menu. Then select the image as desired.

Next, simply adjust the image, where you want to crop. Once everything is in order, hit the 'Crop Image' button.

For the final step, simply download the cropped image.

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