Listen! 3 Sophisticated and Hassle-Free Money Transfer Methods

 Digital financial transactions are deeply rooted and become the daily needs of today's society. Especially in the midst of a pandemic and social restrictions, digital financial transactions are increasingly massive and are the best choice.

However, the public is also faced with many choices of platforms used for digital financial transactions. This of course makes people more complicated because they need to have many applications.

One way to overcome this is to use the DANA digital wallet. DANA has many features that make it easy for users to transact. Starting from just transferring money, shopping online, paying for education, top up games, and so on. Here are 3 easy and practical ways to send money with DANA:

1. Send Money to Mobile Number

DANA digital wallet users have many advantages in financial transactions because of the features provided. Starting from no administration fees to being able to send money to family or relatives who don't even have a bank account because they can send money to a direct cellphone number.

Users only need to ensure that the recipient of the transfer downloads, registers, and upgrades to DANA Premium so that all features in DANA can be enjoyed.

2. Send to Chat

In addition to sending it to a cellphone number, one practical way to send money is to send a link via chat or the user's favorite social media. Users only need to take the usual steps to send money, select Send via Chat in the DANA application, then DANA will provide a link that users can share with the transfer recipient. Later the recipient only needs to open the link and automatically receive the money directly. This method is certainly the most sophisticated and hassle-free.

3. Transfer to Bank

Not only sending money to fellow users, DANA also offers users the ability to send money to and between bank accounts. This makes it easier for users to not have to heat up and queue to the ATM or have many applications on their smartphone.

Even DANA provides 10 times free administration fees every month for transfers to and between banks. In addition, you can also transfer using a DANA balance or a debit card that is already stored in DANA.

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