OPPO Holds Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle with Bigetron, Register Here


Gamers get ready, because OPPO will be holding a PUBG Mobile competition, Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle. Unmitigated, OPPO collaborated with a leading eSports team in this activity, namely Bigetron (BTR).

This activity was carried out by OPPO to introduce the latest gaming features on mobile phones that have been marketed in the market since July 2021, namely OPPO Reno6. Indeed, the presence of this phone attracts the attention of consumers in terms of design, specifications, and various camera features offered.

But apparently, the performance of the device and the presence of the latest gaming features are also one of the attractive factors for consumers when buying OPPO Reno6.

During the pandemic, gaming has become one of the needs of consumers to fill their spare time. The presence of a smartphone device that offers gaming features, high performance and a more affordable price is the dream of the users.

This is where we seek to meet that need by presenting the OPPO Reno6 device. To further introduce the gaming features on this device, we are holding a Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle which is open to the public where later the winner of the preliminary phase of this match can face off against professional gamers from the Bigetron eSports team.

Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle is open to the public and will go through two qualifying stages which will be held on 20-21 September. To take part in Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle, participants are required to be over 16 years old.

They must form 1 (one) team consisting of 4 (four) players with the option of an additional substitute. OPPO also requires participants to have taken vaccinations, at least they have carried out the first stage of vaccination.

This is related to the final of the match which will be held at the Central Park Jakarta mall offline. For this reason, OPPO also requires participants to be domiciled in Greater Jakarta (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi) to make it easier to compete if they qualify for the final round.

With the final being held offline at Central Park Jakarta, OPPO is trying to tighten and comply with the health protocols set by the government. Each participant who attends the final round will be given a swab test and are advised to wear a double mask.

In addition, at the final event, OPPO will clean every device used by the participants in the Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle final match with disinfectant.

OPPO is also working with the local COVID-19 task force and the police to manage crowds around the area. This match can be watched on a limited basis by visitors to Central Park Jakarta by applying 50% capacity and maintaining distance.

At the Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle event, OPPO prepared the main prize in the form of an OPPO Reno6 device and cash worth 4 (four) million rupiah, while the second winner will get an OPPO Reno6 device.

In the final round of Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle, OPPO will also challenge several visitors to Central Park Jakarta to fight the Bigetron team directly in the PUBG Mobile game. OPPO will prepare attractive prizes for visitors who take part in this activity directly at Central Park Jakarta.

OPPO opens registration for Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle starting today (7/9) and interested gamers can register via the registration link https://bit.ly/RegistOPPOReno6xBTR.

OPPO Reno6 is a device that carries the jargon of Gaming for Everyone, meaning a smartphone device with gaming performance and features that can be enjoyed by everyone, not limited to certain circles.

This device offers outstanding performance through the presence of a Snapdragon 720G processor with several interesting features such as Qualcomm® Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ and 8GB of large RAM featuring RAM Expansion which can provide a total RAM of up to 13GB.

Not to forget, OPPO has also equipped this device with several new gaming features including Game Focus Mode, Bullet Screen Message, Quick Start-Up, and HyperBoost 4.0. OPPO Reno6 and is available in two color options, namely Aurora and Stellar Black.

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