Police Arrest Hundreds of Pirated Netflix Viewers

 Currently there are strict actions for those who like to watch illegally or piracy on streaming applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Sky and other applications.

In Italy, the police have arrested around 240 people for subscribing to pirated IPTVs that offer subscription prices lower than the official price.

It is known that the Netflix subscription fee package in Italy starts from 9.99 euros  thousand per month. Meanwhile, subscribing to pirated IPTV is cheaper where users only need to subscribe for 8.95 euros per month.

The arrests of 240 people took place in Piacenza, Italy after the police managed to track down the subscribers of pirated TV service providers. Offenders face up to eight years in prison or a fine of up to 22,000 euros.

This is a step by the Italian police to fight piracy on TV, games and movies. Last year they managed to arrest 223 people for similar cases.

Not only in Italy, other countries like the UK also have a law enforcement team called FACT where they work closely with the police to investigate cases of illegal streaming.

"By taking these steps, we have sent a message to pirated users. Piracy is a scam and anyone who does this for financial gain is considered a crime that will be dealt with seriously by the police," said FACT CEO Kieron Sharp.

"We use a variety of tactics to prevent the illegal provision of streaming," he continued.

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