PS4 Games Can Now Be Played on Computers


Spine, the first and only stable PS4 emulator, is finally playable on computers after it was originally announced a few years ago.

This emulator has actually been announced in a YouTube video back in 2019. This means that it will take the developers around 2 years or so to finally release it to the public.

This is not the only emulator. There are several others but apart from Spine none of them are ready for public consumption.

The definition of emulator itself or more precisely is software that is created initially by a computer system and to run on that system, then can then be run on a completely different computer system.

It's worth noting though that at the moment the Spine can only run PS4 games and likely won't be able to handle everything that's thrown at it especially the triple A game titles.

Instead, it looks like it's more of an emulator for less intensive indie based games so don't expect to be able to replay some triple A PS4 titles.

Keep in mind that Spine is a pure emulator. That is, this is only a platform used to play games and if you want to find the ROM of the game you want to play then you can do it yourself.

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