Site Collection Easy Ways To Resize Photos

 When attaching to an email or certain websites, the size of the photo is not allowed to be large. Now if you want to reduce the size of the photo you want to attach easily and quickly, you can do it via a browser.

All you have to do is visit a site that provides online image processing. So there is no need to install the application to the desktop.

we collected 5 sites that can reduce photo size online. Anything:

1. Compress JPG

This site allows you to easily shrink photos. You can even shrink 20 photos at once.

You just press the Upload File button, this site automatically shrinks the photo immediately. We had reduced the size to 4.4 MB, the result was 800 KB in just a few seconds.

Files that have been minimized directly downloaded in the form of .Zip. To reduce the size of the photo using Compress JPG.


The fun thing about this site is that you are allowed to choose the quality option for photo reduction. There are Best Quality which promises the quality of the compressed photo is the same as the original, Smallest File for the most minimalist size, or Quality which allows users to choose the percentage of photo compression.

Not only that, you can choose the type of compressed file, JPG or PNG. Don't miss the option to change the file size.

If you just click Start, wait a few seconds for processing, the results are instantly downloaded to the computer. 

3. Imagecompressor

Imagecompressor uses a combination of the best optimization and compression algorithms to reduce the size of JPEG and PNG images to a minimum while maintaining the required quality. Like Compress JPG, this site supports reducing 20 photos at a time.

You can download the reduced photos one by one, or download all of them at once. 

4. Online Image Tool

This site doesn't just offer photo compression capabilities. You can convert photos to other formats, resize and reorient images.

Online Image Tool promises up to 90% photo compression without any loss of image quality. In addition, it is possible for you to shrink multiple photos at once quickly and without the need to pay for free aliases.

5. Hipdf

This site offers the ability to shrink photos stored on a computer or cloud service. Later you are asked to choose the quality of the compression results, namely High, Medium and Low.

After selecting, just press the Compress button. In just seconds, the file will be downloaded.

In addition to photos, you can resize, crop and rotate images. In addition there is the option of converting PDF into various formats.

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