Vicky Zhao the Princess of Huan Zhu who was eliminated by China


The most famous actress from China, Zhao Wei or Vicky Zhao was muzzled by the Chinese government. Suddenly all of his content and social media were deleted so that it can no longer be accessed in that country.

The figure who is known for his role as Xiaoyanzi in the old drama Princess Huan Zhu (My Fair Princess) has fans from various countries. Viewers from abroad also know him a lot from films such as Shaolin Soccer and Romance in the Rain. Summarized below is the chronology of Vicky Zhao being expelled by China.

Zhao's existence on the internet is censored by the Chinese government. The films and television series he starred in or directed were removed from many of the country's video platforms. It didn't stop there, Vicky Zhao's account and fan page on Weibo social media were also deleted. In fact, Zhao's hashtag on social media was censored by the Chinese government.

The whereabouts of Vicky Zhao

There had been news that Zhao had flown on his private plane out of China and was detected landing at Bordeaux Airport, France. Zhao and her husband Huang Youlong did have a vineyard located close to Bordeaux.

But later, this speculation was countered because netizens found Vicky Zhao's Instagram account reporting that he was still in China. He was rumored to be in Beijing with his mother, but the post was later deleted.

The reason China 'brush' Vicky Zhao

Chinese state media, Global Times, said that Zhao had many scandals. For example, he was sued in investment business matters, including ownership of shares in Alibaba Pictures Group owned by Alibaba, Jack Ma's company.

There are also those who think that Chinese President Xi Jinping is not happy with the excessive worship of celebrities and their fame on social media because it is considered incompatible with the Chinese character.

Previously, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued guidelines for regulating celebrity fanpages in the online world. All parties are also prohibited from ranking celebrities based on their popularity.

The high salary of celebrities is a clear sign of economic inequality. From an ideological perspective, the Chinese Communist Party wants celebrities to be role models to help promote the values ​​of patriotism and love for the government.

But there are other things that are also a concern. The lavish lifestyle of some celebrities is seen as a sign of moral decay. It is called a toxic culture and is not suitable for young people. That's why raids were encouraged, including on Zhao.

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