52 Oppo phones will get ColorOS 12 based on Android 12


Oppo has officially released ColorOS 12 globally. 52 Oppo HP models will get this Android 12-based operating system update.

"We will bring ColorOS 12 to 150 million users worldwide. A total of 52 Oppo HP models will get gradually starting today," said Oppo when launching online, Monday (11/10/2021).

Oppo Find X3 Pro will be the first cellphone to get ColorOS 12. This Chinese vendor will roll out to its HP lineup until the second half of 2022.

The following is the schedule for HP Oppo to receive the ColorOS 12 update:

Early October 2021

Find X3 Pro

Find X3 Pro Exploration Edition

Find X3

November 2021

Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition

Find X2 Pro

Find X2

Reno6 Pro 5G (Diwali Edition)

Reno6 Pro 5G

Reno6 5G

December 2021



Reno5 Pro 5G

Reno5 Pro

Reno5 Marvel Edition

Reno6 Z 5G

F19 Pro+

A74 5G

A73 5G

First Semester 2022

Find X3 Lite 5G

Find X3 Neo 5G

Find X2 Neo

Find X2 Lite

Reno5 5G

Reno5 F

Reno5 Lite

Reno5 Z 5G

Reno4 Pro 5G

Reno4 5G

Reno4 F

Reno4 Lite

Reno4 Z 5G

Reno4 Pro


Reno4 Mo Salah Edition

Reno3 Pro 5G

Reno3 Pro 5G

Reno3 Pro


Reno5 A

Reno10x Zoom

F19 Pro

F17 Pro


A94 5G


A54 5G

A53s 5G

Second Semester 2022









How to Download ColorOS 12

For Find X3 Pro users in Indonesia, you can already taste ColorOS 12. To download it, do the following:

Open Settings

Press Software Update

Tap the Gear icon in the top right corner

Choose Trial Version

Choose Beta Version

Then enter your cellphone number or email in the Fill in your Information section

Press Apply or Summit

After that check whether ColorOS 12 is available. Press Download Now to download it

New Features of ColorOS 12

ColorOS 12 has a new style of acrylic icons, a borderless design, has a new flake style, as well as unique lighting and details, a new interface frame so that users can distinguish primary and secondary information based on color.

The new responsive design system, based on a grid layout, can adapt to different screen sizes, providing a very consistent and seamless experience when using ColorOS 12 on different devices.

ColorOS 12 also has a quick view widget. Users can add the required widget components, such as smart car search, nearby shops, IoT equipment, and other information.

ColorOS 12 Photo: Oppo

This operating system update brings a new avatar feature called Omoji. Displays 3D models precisely through the Face Capture algorithm, which can capture more than 20,000 facial features of users so that avatars can be personalized more realistically.

Cross-Screen Interconnection and Smart Sidebar features are available, keeping users productive in a variety of scenarios. For privacy, ColorOS 12 ensures that users are aware of and in control of features that allow them to record app behavior, share photos securely, get reminders about permissions when using an app.

ColorOS12 delivers cross-screen interconnection. It lets users connect Oppo PCs and phones for cross-screen collaboration.

Once connected, users can operate their mobile devices easily via laptop, while being able to share files and data with transfer speeds up to 45Mbps, users can edit documents on their mobile phones directly on the laptop screen. This feature supports most of the top brand laptops that have the operating system Windows 10 or higher.

ColorOS 12 Photo: Oppo

Oppo equips ColorOS 12 with an anti-stuttering AI engine. Through testing by the Oppo technology laboratory, after the device was simulated for 26 months with continuous use, the read/write performance decreased by less than 5% and the overall aging rate was 2.75%. This technology can also prioritize apps to ensure the device can operate smoothly using less power.

Presented Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 which brings features such as "dynamic damping", "limit feedback", "speed inheritance", and "seemless transition". The AI ​​Self-Smooth Engine 2.0 reduces phone memory usage by up to 30%, reduces background power consumption by 20%, increases battery life by 12% on average, and reduces read and write performance by less than 5%. After 36 months, the aging rate was 2.75%.

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