Crazy! Beautiful Influencer Luxury Wedding Spends 3,5 million Euro


This Russian influencer's wedding was a real luxury. It is estimated that the cost of the lavish wedding reached 3.5 million Euros. What do you do?

Maria Solodar is an influencer and internet marketing expert from Russia, where the number of followers on Instagram is more than 3 million. He is married to Joan Schnelzauer, a businessman from Luxembourg. The couple reportedly met in Dubai and had a romantic relationship.

The wedding took place in an exotic area on the banks of the Zambezi River, close to Victoria Falls in Zambia. The wealthy Maria brought food, top chefs, pop stars and most of the guests from Russia there by private plane.

They partied for five days at The Royal Livingstone Hotel. The menu includes expensive caviar on every plate for guests. So lavish, their marriage was called the wedding of the year by the Russian media.

Wedding dresses are also from well-known designers. "Everything in this wedding was brought on a private plane from Russia, from the decorations to the food," the Komosmolskaya Pravd newspaper reported.

Russian influencer's lavish wedding. Photo: Instagram

Maria, who was born in Ukraine and has had success in Russia, admitted that she had never imagined that she would marry such an extravagant party. But he confirmed that everything was brought from Russia because it was difficult to get it in Zambia.

"Food, drink, chef. We organize breakfast with black caviar from Russia, cheese and the best wine from France. Every day, guests wear different styles, every day there is a dress code," he said.

"I know how important this marriage is to our family. So all this is done for them, in order to unite them all, our family and friends," he wrote on Instagram.

"That's why we chose the most inaccessible and also the most beautiful places I've ever seen, safaris in the wild, hotels where zebras, giraffes and deer roam free and there's a wonder of the world, Victoria Falls," added the influencer.

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