Mystery of the giant rock neatly split in Saudi Arabia, by aliens?

 The giant Al Naslaa rock formation, located in the oasis of Tayma, Saudi Arabia, about eight hours' drive from the capital Riyadh, has sparked various speculations. The strange shape of the shards makes many people think it was the work of aliens.

The stone splits very neatly as if it was cut using a laser. A geologist said the fragments may have been caused by weathering. But other experts say splits due to natural causes are unlikely because the pieces of rock appear even and smooth.

In addition to its shape that looks neatly cut, this stone with a height of about 9 meters and a width of 7.6 meters also has another uniqueness because it is decorated with petroglyphs or stone carvings made using chisels and stone hammers. The petroglyphs look like humans and horses.

Netizens debate

No wonder this stone is a popular photo object and a topic of debate on the internet. On a Reddit forum, a user with the account name El_Hombre_Siniestro said it was aliens.

"I don't want to say this is the work of aliens. But it looks like it is," he commented.

"This must be an alien (deed)," said another netizen with the account name Mrkim420.

Another user speculated that the splitting of the rock was created when aliens tried to mess with the laser pointer and accidentally cut the rock in half.

Photo: Mail Online

Other theories seem more plausible. Some argue that this stone shows that ancient civilizations were more advanced than previously thought. One video on YouTube speculates that the formation is early evidence of high technology in ancient times.

"Why do we always associate strange things with aliens? There is plenty of evidence that ancient technology was at a much more advanced level than we thought," said a Reddit user with the account name Ricopantalones.

Others compare this stone to the ancient Egyptian pyramids that were built about 4,500 years ago. User NicholasPileggi claims the stone appears to have been treated the same way ancient people cut blocks for pyramids.

Expert opinion

Geologist Cherry Lewis said the split was probably the work of nature. Lewis, who is an honorary researcher at the University of Bristol, described the rock as an extraordinary sight.

"The rock could have formed due to a process called 'freeze-thaw' weathering which occurs when water gets into small cracks in the rock. As the temperature drops, the water freezes and expands causing the crack to widen and lengthen," he said.

"As it thaws, the water goes deeper and deeper into the fissures. This process is repeated for thousands, if not millions of years until the rock eventually splits. This process, coupled with wind erosion in the desert environment, as well as the possibility of sand blasts could also explain why the rock could have formed. stand alone like that," he explained.

Lewis says the sand blast effect can also create a smooth front surface when the wind blows. He also did not rule out the theory that the stone was deliberately cut with difficulty by humans for certain purposes.

"Given that ancient civilizations were able to create Stonehenge and the statues on Easter Island with minimal tools, it seems possible that the shape of the stone was made by humans," he said.

This rock formation itself is located not far from archaeological excavations that have previously found flint dating from the 4th millennium BC. Rich in history, Tayma was the residence of the Babylonian King Nabonidus in the mid-6th century BC. The region's oasis, on the trade route from modern Medina to Al Jawf, became a popular spot for traders.

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