Really Exist, Xbox Mini Refrigerator Goes On Sale

 Microsoft actually released a mini fridge in the form of an Xbox Series X. This unique refrigerator will begin shipping in the year-end holiday season, which is around December.

Priced at USD 100, this refrigerator can already be ordered when pre-order opens on October 19, 2021. If you look back, there is a unique story behind this refrigerator, because it started with ridicule.

Long before its launch, the Xbox Series X had been the subject of ridicule among gamers who thought it looked like a refrigerator. Various funny memes mocking this next-gen game console are also circulating on the internet.

Instead of being offended, Microsoft was inspired by a series of Xbox Series X memes, and the software giant actually built a refrigerator called the Xbox Mini Fridge.

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Quoted from Engadget, Monday (18/10/2021) the product was introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) game conference earlier this week. Not alone, Microsoft is working with Ukonic manufacturers! to manufacture the mini fridge.

The Xbox Mini Fridge can accommodate 12 beverage cans. The interior of the refrigerator is illuminated with a green color that is one of the hallmarks of the Xbox. Seen there are three compartments to put snacks.

This device also includes a DC power adapter, as well as a USB port that serves to recharge the Xbox Wireless Controller battery. Interesting too. Are you interested in buying?

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