Revealing the Facts of the Rising Sun from the West

 An old post on a Facebook account about the sun rising from the west is again being discussed. NASA revealed the facts about this and a number of scientists made a simulation model if the Sun rose from the west.

The Thai-language post claims that the NASA space agency announced the possibility of the Sun rising from the west. Not only that, it is also mentioned that the Sun appears from the west caused by the Earth rotating in the opposite direction and is a sign of the coming of the apocalypse.

"Earth will rotate in the opposite direction causing the Sun to emerge from the west side. Researchers believe that we are moving towards a magnetic field reversal that will be the end of mankind and nearing the end of the world," the post reads.

Such posts are known to circulate on social media, especially Facebook in several versions. Previously also in English. Fortunately, it is certain that the claims are false and NASA never stated that the Sun would rise from the west.

Regarding this issue, they have been throwing objections from NASA for a long time. "Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization predicts the Sun will rise from the west," said Bettina Inclan, NASA Associate Administrator for Communications.

He confirmed that the phenomenon of magnetic field reversal does exist and has happened. Even a number of scientists are also studying it. However, according to him, the magnetic reversal does not make the Earth rotate in the opposite direction, nor does the direction of the Sun's arrival.

"The reversal of the magnetic field is indeed a real phenomenon that has occurred several times in the past and scientists around the world are studying it, but the statement that this makes the Earth rotate in the opposite direction which causes the Sun to rise from the west is wrong," he explained.

The event of the Sun coming from the west does occur but not on Earth but on Venus because the planet rotates backwards. For information, Earth's rotation time is 243 days, and it takes 225 Earth days for Venus to orbit the Sun. This causes the Sun to appear only twice a year or about 117 Earth days in a year.

If the Sun Rises from the West

Earth's climate would be much different if our planet rotated in the opposite direction than usual. That's according to a recent study by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany.

Florian Ziemen, lead author of the study and his colleagues, ran 7,000 years of computer model simulations that reversed some of the key physical processes that result from the true direction of Earth's rotation.

The Sun's daily path is also reversed in computer models, causing it to rise in the west and set in the east. As a result, things like this will happen:

1. The weather has completely changed

Instead of flowing from west to east, the air flow in the simulation occurs from east to west. This made the climate on the East Coast of the United States the same as the West Coast today, with conditions that were more temperate thanks to the continuous flow of air into the Atlantic Ocean. However, this causes severe winters in western Europe, as the winds carry very cold air from Russia to the region.

2. The Sahara Desert is disappearing

In addition, this simulation also shows the Sahara Desert disappearing. The barren Middle East region receives a lot of rainfall. Instead, the southeastern US and much of Brazil and Argentina turned into desert.

In the normal rotation of the Earth, the area usually receives a lot of rainfall. Based on simulations, the desert area has shrunk to 4.2 million square miles less than Earth's current desert area.

Earth rotating in the opposite direction also displays waves of cyanobacteria in the northern Indian Ocean. The combination of this reverse circulation, and the high biological production in the region, causes low oxygen levels at deeper depths, so microorganisms need to consume nitrate instead.

Since cyanobacteria do not require nitrate and the resulting water has low levels of nitrate, it is possible for cyanobacteria to be the dominant biological producer across vast oceans, where nutrient-deficient water reaches the surface.

"Although blooms of cyanobacteria occur frequently on Earth, their development remains on a relatively small scale," Ziemen noted.

3. Climate chaos

Earth spinning backwards may seem like a better place to some people in certain areas, especially desert areas. In fact, it will create a climate chaos that will be destructive, and perhaps that is why it is called a sign of the apocalypse.

"If you are in western Europe for example, life feels much better on Earth with the current rotation pattern. Because with the opposite direction of rotation, this region will feel very cold," concluded Ziemen.

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