The Last Seconds to Reveal the Source of the Corona Virus

 The World Health Organization (WHO) has formed a new team of scientists to try to trace the origin of the Corona virus again. The previous WHO team was considered less successful and this mission may be the last chance to find the source of the Corona virus.

The team consists of 26 members to study the emergence of viruses such as Corona. "This may be the last chance to understand the origins of this virus," said Michael Ryan, WHO's Emergencies Director.

The WHO said a detailed investigation of the earliest coronavirus cases in China around December 2019 was still needed. Laboratories around the Wuhan area should be the focus of the investigation.

It is not clear whether the Chinese side is willing to open up. China's ambassador to the United Nations, Chen Xu, stated that the international team had investigated in China twice so it was time to look for another location to investigate.

"If we are going to send the team to a certain place, I believe it will not be in China because we have received an international team twice. It is time to send the team to another place," he said.

In an analysis published in March, the WHO team, which was first assigned to China, suggested the coronavirus may have jumped to humans from animals. Meanwhile, leaks from the Wuhan lab tend to be very unlikely. But later, the theory of leakage from the lab was again considered.

WHO's international team said the opportunity to solve the mystery closed quickly. This investigation required collaboration, but the process did not go smoothly. One of them is that Chinese officials are still reluctant to share the necessary data.

Responding to accusations of China's lack of cooperation, Chinese Foreign Ministry official Fu Cong regretted that the search for the origin of the Corona virus had been hampered, but that was not China's fault. "China will always support and participate in science-based tracking efforts," he said.

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