TikTok Launches on LG Smart TV

 The social media platform TikTok has now expanded to LG's line of smart TVs. This short video sharing app will be available on 2020 and 2021 LG TV model devices with webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0.

The firmware update for the model started rolling out on October 7. Meanwhile, the older models will get the next update.

The UK, France and Germany are the countries that will start rolling out the TikTok app on LG TVs. While in the United States, it seems that TikTok is not yet available for LG smart TVs considering that the Chinese company TikTok is on the US trade blacklist.

It is not yet known how TikTok will appear on a wider television screen, considering that TikTok optimizes its display on mobile in portrait format.

TikTok's move on the TV platform also shows TikTok's expansionist efforts to have more users of its application in various segments. It will also reach a higher level of advertising from watching TV.

TikTok already has a strong presence in France, Germany and the UK with the app available on Samsung TV, Android TV, and Fire TV in these three countries.

The addition of LG smart TVs will further increase the potential and reach of applications in these countries. There is no indication yet whether its availability will be increased to European countries and regions.

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