Want to sell land through Facebook, beware of being blocked

 Do not carelessly post advertisements for selling land on the Facebook platform, first check the rules. If it is a conservation area, get ready to be blocked.

Facebook announced about the trading policy on its marketplace platform. They explicitly prohibit the sale of protected land, on its Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp platforms.

Faceook's announcement comes after an investigation by the BBC in February found people illegally selling large plots of land in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest on Facebook's Craigslist alternative. Selling land in ecological conservation areas is usually illegal and can have a negative impact on the life of the flora, fauna and people who live there.

The BBC found that such plots were often sold without official land titles showing ownership. This is driven by deforestation of the Amazon caused by Brazil's livestock industry.

"The social network initially did not want to independently stop selling illegal land on Amazon because Facebook's trade policies require buyers and sellers to comply with laws and regulations," the company told the BBC.

The case was originally discovered in February 2021. Now months later, Facebook is taking a tougher stance.

"You may not promote the buying or selling of animals or animal products, or land in ecological conservation areas," Facebook's new policy reads.

The company also plans to carry out a cross-reference list, against its database of protected lands, to identify those who violate its policies. This rule does not only apply in Brazil, but also in other countries.

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