Windows 11 Makes AMD Slow Processors


Even though it's been through a long trial period, it turns out that Windows 11 still has bugs after it was released in full on October 5.

One of the problems in the successor to Windows 10 is the lower performance of AMD processors, which is caused by several things. The first bug is in the L3 cache which triples its latency.

This bug reduces processor performance between 3-5%, but in esports games the fps drop can reach 10-15%.

Then another bug is that Windows 11 can't run the 'preferred core' feature properly. This feature allows the processor and operating system to communicate, namely to provide information on which cores in the processor can provide the fastest clock speed, which is suitable for heavy use.

This bug has an impact on the performance of applications that use only a few threads to operate, although it's unclear how much of an impact it will have. According to AMD, the impact of this bug is most pronounced in processors that have eight or more cores and have a TDP above 65W.

AMD and Microsoft are working together to solve this problem. The update is expected to be released at the end of this October.

So, for those of you who use AMD processors with cores above eight, and running certain programs, it might be better to wait before updating their PC operating system to Windows 11.

Previously, it was also reported that the OS, which was released on October 5, was fairly RAM-hungry.

A Reddit user by the name of gyrohan269 discovered a Windows 11 bug that was causing the Explorer app to be unable to free up RAM even though the user had completely shut down the app.

Even Explorer keeps consuming RAM when he restarts the app and every time he opens a new folder, the app will eat up even more RAM.

"Every time you open or close Windows Explorer, the amount of RAM used increases by several MB without decreasing when you close it. For example: When I turn on my PC Windows Explorer uses 60MB, then when I open the folder it goes up to 80MB and when I close Windows Explorer only down to 70MB instead of 60MB. Even when I open the folder many times it eats up to 1GB of RAM," said gyrohan269.

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