Gojek Drivers Will 100% Use Electric Motors in 2030


Gojek emphasized that 2030 Gojek drivers will use electric motors 100%. This is a step taken by Gojek X TBS to build a healthier environment. Gojek CEO Kevin Aluwi said this at the 'Gojek X TBS Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Strategic Collaboration Press Conference', Thursday (11/18/2021).

Gojek, according to the Collaboration, is very serious about adopting electric vehicles for all services, namely GoFood, GoRide, to the delivery of GoSend packages. Kevin stated this joint venture as an effort to change the option to utilize electric motors.

"This is a very serious commitment. To be honest, if you look at Jakarta alone, the pollution is already very bad. The air we breathe is of very low quality and partly because of the vehicles on our roads. help create solutions," Kevin said.

There has been a roadmap created to realize 100% electric vehicles by 2030, Gojek has also started the first phase of trials in January 2021 for electric motorcycles. The use of electric motors is a commitment to Gojek's sustainability effort, one of which is 'zero emission'.

"Gojek's business growth must be in accordance with the sustainability principle. It is not a form of Gojek's CSR, this is what we believe is important," he said.

Director of TBS Energi Utama Alvin Firman Sunanda also opened his voice about the collaboration. TBS has committed to achieving zero emissions by 2030 together with the GoTo group.

"The energy sector probably needs the most collaboration encouragement in the technology sector in order to increase market and efficiency, be environmentally friendly, and bring Indonesia to a new level," said Alvin.

TBS is committed to investing USD 1 million as a start and in the next five years the figure is predicted to reach USD 5 billion.

"Together with the Gojek ecosystem, we hope that electric vehicles will become the main service for consumers and the trust of the general public. Finally, hopefully this step can build a better industry," he said.

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