Revealed, Here's Huawei's Tactics to Overcome American Blocking


Huawei is said to be trying out a new tactic to get around the block it has received, namely selling its cellphone licenses.

Reporting from Bloomberg, Wednesday (11/17/2021), Huawei is exploring options to license its cellphone designs to third-party companies, the aim of which is of course to get around various prohibitions and blocks from the United States.

One of the companies that is speculated to be getting the license is Xnova, part of China Postal and Telecommunications Appliances (PTAC). There is also TD TEch which is a telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

So far, Xnova has sold the Huawei Nova line of phones through its online platform.

By licensing its designs to third-party companies, Huawei can order components that they previously couldn't order from other companies. For example TSMC to buy chips and 5G modems.

This step also (supposedly) can restore Google Mobile Services to Huawei devices. But of course, in this way Huawei can't sell phones with the Huawei brand, but with the brand of the company that got the license.

Previously reported, Honor's fate improved after leaving Huawei, which was evident from its position in China in Q3 2021 which overtook Apple and Xiaomi.

According to Canalys, Honor is now the phone maker with the 3rd largest market share in China, behind Vivo and Oppo. They ship 25% more phones than before leaving Huawei.

Honor's position is higher than Apple and Xiaomi who are in the 4th and 5th positions. Honor's market share in Q3 2021 is 18%, while Xiaomi's is 14%, and Apple's is 11%.

But the biggest growth was actually achieved by Apple, whose iPhone shipments rose from 5.1 million units to 8.3 million units, or up 62%. Honor's own shipments increased 25%, from 11.3 million units to 14.2 million units.

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