Revealed, this is the real reason Xi Jinping tripped Jack Ma


October 2020, Jack Ma criticized the Chinese government's financial system, which got him banned by the Xi Jinping government. His companies Alibaba and Ant Group were pressured and fined, and Jack Ma no longer appeared in public.

However, it was revealed that Xi Jinping had reportedly been disliking Jack Ma for a long time. What is the reason?

In 2017, Jack Ma visited the United States and met with the then president, Donald Trump. They talk intimately and Jack Ma promises to open a million jobs for Americans.

Well according to a Reuters source quoted by us, the meeting was not liked by the Chinese government. Chinese officials told Alibaba that Beijing did not like Jack Ma meeting Trump without his permission.

Especially at that time, Trump began to often criticize China for taking American jobs. Four related sources believe that this was the turning point at which Jack Ma's relations with Beijing began to deteriorate. However, at that time, no decisive action had been taken.

Jack Ma is still traveling the world and meeting important figures. He also often receives VIP guests at Alibaba headquarters. Ma considers the series of meetings to be unofficial diplomacy for China and he is happy to do so.

Time passed, Jack Ma finally hit the rock after his speech. "Because Jack Ma is too provocative, not in line with the new approach of the Xi Jinping administration, he is certainly a natural target that major change has already begun," said Duncan Clark, a former adviser to Jack Ma.

Previously, he reportedly wanted to meet people close to Xi Jinping, but was refused. Then earlier this year, he reportedly sent a letter to Xi Jinping that he wanted to devote his life to improving the education of villagers.

Maybe that's why Jack Ma on his visits to Spain and the Netherlands visited several agricultural institutions. He may want to imitate technology in Europe to be applied in his homeland. Perhaps Xi Jinping has forgiven him.

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