10 Best Indie Games in 2021, Some Use Balinese Gamelan!


Indie games often bring a lot of refreshment when presenting their game mechanics. Unbound by any particular party, the developers are free to express their desire to create a more impressive title.

Although not as popular and as many AAA fans, indie games are the birthplace of bright ideas. In fact pushing them is almost as successful as the titles published by the big developers out there.

When asked a question about your favorite indie game, what would your answer be? If you haven't tried playing it yet, maybe this list of the 10 best indie games for 2021 can be an alternative for gamers, as quoted by us from Gamerant, Tuesday (12/28/2021).

The 10 best indie games of 2021 are:

1. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Ender Lilies is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with 2D dark fantasy. Where buried a mystery work that has been destroyed. As a player, you will go on an adventure with a knight.

The goal is to reveal all the truth, the journey begins and you will face Blighted, an undead monster. They are transformed by an unknown rainfall that can turn a flock into the undead.

2. Valheim

Valheim was developed by a team of only five people. Nevertheless, its quality has been widely acclaimed by critics, due to the lively feel of PvE and the inserted storyline. Here, the player must survive the monsters.

The developer provides features to build shelters, create battle tools and kill bosses from each different mission. Where you will tread the trail of adventure by boat or on foot.

3. Loop Hero

Loop Hero is one of the Roguelikes and Roguelites games released in early 2021. Instead of fighting with various combats, this Four Quarters game features card gameplay.

The main antagonist in it is known as the Lich. He had trapped the hero in a time loop after the world ended. The goal is to defeat the Lich, by rebuilding the world using the various cards available.

4. Before Your Eyes

This is the most emotional title that will be on the list of indie games this time. Before Your Eyes, utilizes the player's blinking eyes, to continue the story of Benjamin "Benny" Brynn's journey, who recently died and is about to transition to the afterlife.

You will control the story and can influence the final outcome as you wish. In the game, gamers will be lulled by the world of memories, whether happy or sad.

5. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Maybe this game looks simple and childish. But indeed that is the charm offered by the game made by several developers from Greg Lobanov, Alexis Dean-Jones, Lena Raine, Madeline Berger, A Shell in the Pit namely Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

Here players will explore the excitement of the book world. Strengths possessed, namely being able to paint the book and later as an effort to continue the storyline presented.

6. Death's Door

The next nomination for Best Indie The Game Awards was Death's Door. Players will assume the role of a crow who collects the souls of the dead. As his adventures gather souls, he discovers a conspiracy.

Where it relates to the disappearance of the other ravens. This game was able to win the Best Game Feel at the Indie Live Expo Winter 2021 Awards.

7. The Forgotten City

Re-emerged since 2015, initially The Forgotten City was a Skyrim game mod. Changing destiny into an ancient Roman empire, although in the end it was released independently and changed the plot of the story.

The story in it is about a city that has been forgotten. Players will be asked to find the ancient ruins of an underground city, which takes place 2,000 years ago. Then solve the mystery behind the destruction of the city.

8. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Starting his career as an animation studio, Ember Lab finally decided to develop a game called Kena: Bridge of Spirit. The story follows a young protagonist named Kena, a spirit guide who helps souls cross life.

Their efforts were not in vain, after this game won the Best Independent Game award. At The Game Awards 2021, Kena: Bridge of Spirits competed with 12 Minutes, Death's Door, Inscryption and Loop Hero.

What makes this game even more special for gamers, the soundtrack uses original Balinese Gamelan music. Read the news below for the full story.

9. Incryption

Despite being nominated for Best Independent Game, unfortunately, Inscryption has not been able to beat Kena: Bridge of Spirits. But this game is quite good and deserves to be played by gamers.

Developers mix different nuances in the game. Prioritizing card games, they also bring psychological horror with deckbuilding roguelike wraps, along with puzzles.

10. Unpacking

The last indie game is Unpacking, maybe this is not suitable for those of you who prefer the action genre with several combos of the characters used. The reason is the game presented by Witch Beam, as a developer, is quite calm and can be boring.

It's just that, if players look deeper, this is really cool. You will be asked to open each package containing several items, which must be arranged in a predetermined place. In addition, there are also several stories inserted by the developer.

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