4 'Proof' We Live in a Simulation World


Have you heard the theory that humans live in a simulated world? Or you've heard the term 'glitch in the matrix' which is a 'bug' that exists in real life.

Although many are against, there are also those who support this theory, including the richest person in the world Elon Musk. A number of events are also often cited as evidence of the existence of the matrix world. Compiled from Vulture, here are four of them.

1. The Mandela Effect

Some people claim to remember TV coverage of Nelson Mandela's death in the 1980s even though Mandela actually died in 2013. Therefore, the 'Mandela Effect' is seen as evidence that someone tampered with the simulated world we live in.

2. Where are the aliens?

Maybe the reason we haven't met aliens is that the 'RAM' that is there to undergo simulations is only enough for one civilization on Earth so that there are no aliens. Or, aliens are far smarter than humans to escape the snares of the simulation world.

3. DNA containing computer viruses

In 2017, a multidisciplinary group of researchers at the University of Washington proved that they could embed malicious computer code into the physical strands of DNA. Their goal was to show that computers working on gene sequencing were vulnerable to attack.

But they may also unintentionally reveal that what we have always thought of as biological reality is actually... computer code.

4. Ghosts may be...

It could be that what we think of as ghosts or demons is a 'glitch in the matrix'. Because there's a 'bug', something that shouldn't be in its place, becomes there. But again, this is just a theory. What you believe depends on what you believe.

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