Apple's decision to dare to kick Intel with a sweet smile

In 2020, Apple made the bold decision to eject Intel processors from its line of laptops and computers, replacing them with an unproven M1 chip of its own design. Now it is proven that the decision was right.

For the iPhone and iPad, Apple designs its own chips, but for 15 years, their computers have always relied on Intel. When Intel is no longer used, consumers are asking whether Apple's M1 processor will be able to work well on iMacs and MacBooks.

As quoted by us from CNBC, the Apple M1 chip was first used by the MacBook Air in 2020. It turns out that this chip is more powerful than Intel and the battery lasts longer. No need for fan cooling either. Many reviews praise it.

In April 2021, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the arrival of the M1 chip helped Mac revenue grow by 70.1% to $9.1 billion.

Apple then launched a new version of the iMac with a super slim metal design. The webcam is better, the speakers are better quality and the screen is much sharper.

After that in October 2021, a new version of the MacBook Pro was released with the M1 Pro and Ma1 Max chips, which are more capable of handling tougher tasks. For example, it can handle many high-resolution video files at the same time.

It is clear that the M1 chip is a huge success for Apple. Next year, there will likely be another new product released by the company founded by Steve Jobs, which uses the M1.

"Indications that we will see a new version of the Macbook Air, updates to iMac Pro and MacPro in 2022. It is also possible that we will see a completely new product with the M1," wrote CNBC.

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