Can You Feel Pain in a Dream?

 Have you ever wondered, can a person experience pain when dreaming? For example, when you dream that you hit a table and do you really feel the pain? Is that possible? In short, it could happen.

Dreamed pain differs from 'real' pain in that its source is the content of the dream and not a real-life stimulus. In other words, the pain may come from a stimulus/experience.

For example, trauma that is carried away in a dream, the pain is still recorded in the brain and this possibility makes the perception learn about this painful situation and present that feeling. The pain that comes with the dream usually goes away as soon as the dreamer wakes up.

Described in Live Science, pain is a mental experience. That is, when we experience an injury, the pain is processed in our brain, not in the affected body part.

Pain in the brain appears as activation in pain-related areas of the cerebral cortex, triggered by information from pain receptors in the peripheral nervous system. When dreaming of pain occurs in a dream, the brain may not receive pain messages from parts of the body, but instead draw from memories of pain from the past.

The next question, can someone feel pain in a dream that is more severe than other people?

"In patients, dreams of pain may be triggered by actual pain whereas for healthy people, dreams of pain may be memories of pain (pain experienced by oneself and/or seeing someone in pain)," wrote the authors of the study published in the paper. at ResearchGate.

So, in conclusion: Can you feel pain in a dream? Yes, but it's your health that will tell whether it's real pain or stemming from an experiential/traumatic stimulus.

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