Elon Musk and SpaceX Infuriate Chinese Netizens, Why?

 Many Chinese netizens are angry with Elon Musk and his space company, SpaceX. The reason is that the Starlink satellite launched by SpaceX is said to have endangered China's space station, Tianhe.

As quoted by us from CNBC, Tuesday (12/28/2021) SpaceX is passionate about flying many Starlink satellites to provide internet access from space. Well, the Chinese authorities apparently reported to the United Nations that there were two near-collision conditions between the satellite and its space station.

"For security reasons, the China Space Station implemented controls to prevent collisions," China said. The events took place on July 1 and October 21 this year.

Netizens also spilled their frustration on Weibo social media after hearing the news. Some call the Starlink satellites just space junk and useless, even dangerous. Some even accused him of being the United States' space weapon.

"The risk of Starlink slowly widening, the whole of humanity will pay for their business activities," wrote a disappointed netizen Elon Musk.


So far, SpaceX already operates nearly 1,900 satellites and plans to fly many more. Indeed, there have been enough criticisms of Starlink's activities, for example disturbing the view in the sky because there are so many satellites in outer space.

Some time ago, Samantha Lawler as an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Regina stated that about 1 in 15 rays in space are satellites and not stars. This has the potential to disrupt research scientists because of confusion.

"This will undermine astronomical research and will completely change the night sky around the world," he said. Well, how is this Elon Musk?

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