Get a Free SS Partner in 1st Anniversary Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!

 Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! will celebrate their first Anniversary, on December 16, 2021. To commemorate it, every player who Logins on December 15 - 16, 2021, will get an SS Partner gift for free.

These prizes can be claimed directly via in-game Mail, along with other attractive prizes. Players can choose one of the SS Partners such as Mystogan, Jura, Armadura Fairy Erza, Lightning Fire Dragon Natsu, Iron Shadow Dragon Gajeel, Ultear, Demon Mirajane, Minerva, Jellal and Celestial Guardian Lucy.

In addition to the Special Login reward, you can also take part in the Anniversary Festival which takes place from December 10, 2021 - January 9, 2022. Collect Anniversary Coins, by completing each mission and exchange them for Special Anniversary Mounts. The following are the details of Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! Anniversary Festival

Joyful Prelude (10 - 19 December 2021)

1. Signing Board

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Log in daily by leaving Sticky Notes, to get Anniversary Coins and Development Items. Anniversary Coins can be used to exchange various interesting items, such as the Anniversary Dumpling Mount (Permanent).

2. Memory Hall

Complete the Memory Hall and earn Anniversary Coins, when completing certain Turns.

3. Infinite Energy

Complete Daily Missions, to reach Milestones Activeness and get special rewards. There anything? Starting from Full of Love Gift, Silver Coin, Gem Lv.3, Refine Potion, Training Card, Halo Energy/Badge, Draft and Fierce Skill Fragment.

4. Cana Divination

Login every day to get luck (can be In-game Item or Buff) from Cana. Players can also get Cana Divination, by completing the Carnival Party & Firework Gift Event which takes place every day, at 19:00 WIB, December 16 - 19.

5. Firework Gift

On December 16 - 19 2021, every 19:00 WIB, there will be a fireworks celebration and a special Box. Where will give you a random gift. Players can only get three prizes per day.

6. Warm Greetings

Get Anniversary Coins, by sending Full of Love Gifts to friends. You can also get Silver Coin, Halo Badge and Silver Coin.

7. Memorial Store

Collect 300 Anniversary Coins, to get Permanent Anniversary Dumpling Mount. You can also exchange these coins for other Development Items.

Blessing Hymn (20 - 26 December 2021)

1. Personalized Bundle

Open the Personalized Bundle to get Anniversary Coins, Diamonds and other in-game rewards.

2. Carnival Party

Defeat the Golden and Silver Pigs to earn Anniversary Coins, Cana Divination Cards and other in-game rewards.

Carnival Dance (27 December 2021 - 2 January 2022)

1. Counter Battle

Challenge Monsters every day, to get Anniversary Coins and attractive prizes. You can also fight the Celestial Spirit BOSS, to get special rewards. Each BOSS will give something different to whoever beats it.

2. Prom Dance Party

Defeat special Monsters and earn Anniversary Coins and other in-game rewards.

3. Bonfire Party

There are two special locations, where there will be a bonfire from 18:00 - 23:00 WIB. Players can get additional EXP and Silver Coins, by enjoying the bonfire to the end (such as the Hot Spring Event).

Happy Symphonic (3 - 9 January 2022)

1. Chasing Bandits

Defeat specified enemies, then earn additional Anniversary Coins and other in-game items.

So what are you waiting for? Login Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! you now and get all the prizes!

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