How the Richest Man and His Girlfriend Have Fun


Jeff Bezos, the second richest person in the world, of course also has fun on the sidelines of his activities. Currently, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin is on vacation in St Barts with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez.

St Barts is an island in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches. Bezos and Sanchez had been there long enough for the Christmas and New Year's holidays with the whole family.

Yes, after dating MacKenzie for a long time, Jeff Bezos is close to the Sanchez family and vice versa. In this holiday Sanchez brought his son from a previous marriage as well as his sister.

As for Bezos, he was seen with his brother, Mark. "They've been together for 4 years now, so their family is really close at this point. They're very close," a source told People quoted by us.

Jeff Bezos and Sanchez look very intimate swimming together or walking hand in hand and other holiday activities. "They can't seem to get their hands off each other," said the one who saw the two.

Since going public after the affair, Bezos and Sanchez are often on vacation. Previously, Bezos and Sanchez traveled at the luxury resort of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico by private jet.

No longer the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos clearly has more time than before, even though he is currently Executive Chairman.

In a message to Amazon employees some time ago, Jeff Bezos emphasized that he was not completely separated from Amazon although he certainly would not be involved as intensely as when he was CEO.

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