How to Get Free Robux and Other Roblox Tips

How to get free Robux often appears in search results related to Roblox in search engines. For those who play Roblox games, surely they already know which Robux is the 'currency' in the game.

Launching Pocket Tactics, the following are frequently asked questions regarding Roblox. Hopefully it can be useful and make the experience of playing Roblox even more fun!

1. How to get free Robux

It's almost impossible to get free Robux anymore, as most of the sales rights that were once available to casual users have been revoked. But you can still create Game Passes to sell to Robux players for free. Here's how it works:

Create a game and get some players

Add Game Pass for sale and choose how many you want to sell. Game Passes are basically unique items that give players an in-game advantage (can be access to restricted areas, avatar items, or permanent power ups).

It's important to remember that any Robux you earn from Game Pass will be delayed for three days before being paid to your account. In addition, from the official Roblox website, it is explained that users with membership accounts can sell clothes and others to get Robux.

2. How much is the profit from selling clothes on Roblox

When you sell pants or clothes, you will get a 70% share of the profits while the other 30% is used to support the economy in the Roblox game. Just like selling Game Pass, you have to wait three days to get the sales results.

3. Where to get free items on Roblox

There are many ways to get free items or free items on Roblox. You do this by using a number of codes that can be redeemed. Among them:

Heroes Online codes

Driving Empire codes

Anime Fighters codes

All Star Tower Defense codes

Anime Fighting Simulator codes

Block Fruits codes

Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes

UFO Simulator codes

Bad Business codes

Slayers Unleashed codes

Anime Mania codes

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