Instagram Tests Stories Duration Up To 60 Seconds


Currently, Instagram Stories users have a maximum duration of 15 seconds to post content. Many users feel that the duration is not long enough.

When a user has a 150 second video, they must post 10 Stories. However, the pauses between each Instagram story might spoil the narrative in the video a bit.

The good news is that Instagram is reportedly testing the extension of Stories to 60 seconds. This report was disclosed by social media consultant Matt Navarra via his Twitter account.

Navarra discovered the feature was first posted by a Turkish user who received a pop-up after the social media launch of the photo and video sharing. "Instagram is testing longer story segments up to 60 seconds Found by @yousuforaccom in Turkey," he wrote.

Instagram is testing longer stories segments of up-to 60 seconds

Spotted by @yousufortaccom in Turkey

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) December 15, 2021

Instagram itself actually already offers users to upload long videos via IGTV, and creators usually post links containing long videos in Stories to promote them.

By allowing longer video content to be shared in Stories, this will make the user's viewing experience smoother so that users don't have to experience many lags.

It's just not known if it's a wider release of the new feature. Or Instagram is just doing some initial testing.

It is common practice for social media platform companies to try out new features with a specific group of users. They proceeded with the mass rollout once they were satisfied with the feedback from those early testers.

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