Jeff Bezos Already, Elon Musk Why hasn't he been to space?


Elon Musk insists on establishing a colonization on Mars. When he himself has sent other people to go beyond Earth, but how come Elon Musk hasn't gone to space until now?

At the launch of SpaceX's first tourist trip, Elon Musk watched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, to watch the crew fly. He supported the astronauts on the road to the Tesla who would take them to get ready.

Quoted from The Atlantic, the Inspiration4 mission marked SpaceX's fourth successful human spaceflight, and a SpaceX official said the company wants to fly paying customers three, four, five, or up to six times a year.

In this era's space race between private companies, Musk's SpaceX has essentially excelled at every single act but one -- flying out of the atmosphere. Branson did it, Bezos did it (sub-orbital), so why hasn't Musk himself flown yet?

But for the record, Musk did put a deposit for future travel on Virgin Galactic, but, like Bezos' Blue Origin, the company only offers suborbital flights. Plus, Blue Origin argues that Virgin Galactic's journey doesn't really count, as Blue Origin flies higher.

In fact, if you want to fly in SpaceX's Dragon capsule, Musk can call himself an astronaut, without a doubt. Surely his staff can quickly whip up a spacesuit in his size, and Musk isn't known to be a risk-averse person. In 2015, he stood tall on top of an airplane in a stunt called a 'wing walk'.

So, only Elon Musk himself knows why he doesn't go into space, and he's a tough guy to get in touch with. To The Atlantic, SpaceX did not respond to requests for comment, and Musk did not acknowledge questions asked via Twitter, where he sometimes answers directly to reporters via the bluebird platform.

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