Kingston XS2000 Review, Small External SSD Fast Performance


Although cloud-based storage is starting to be seen, external storage solutions are the main choice in backing up files or moving data between devices. Therefore the need for external SSD is still high.

But the current consideration is not just fast, users are looking for an external SSD that is compact so that it is easy to store and carry around. This is what Kingston then answered through the XS2000 device.

Should this Kingston XS2000 be looked at to meet your data storage needs? Here's a short review

The interesting thing when unpacking the Kingston XS2000 is its size. The dimensions of this external SSD are so small, reminiscent of the Playar MP3 players from a few years ago.

Kingston makes the XS2000 measuring 69.5 x 32.6 x 13.5 mm and weighing only 28.9 grams. The design is minimalist, there are two metal panels mounted on the top and bottom.

The use of metal here is not without reason, all for the sake of providing more durability to this device. This drive is IP55 certified which means it is dust and splash resistant.

Kingston provided a rubber case to attach to this external SSD, thus providing more protection against bumps or drops.

This device uses a USB Type C port for faster data transfer speeds. In the purchase package, a USB Type C cable is provided to connect to laptop, desktop and other devices.

Right near the USB Type C port there is an indicator LED that glows blue and flashes when it's active. The light itself is quite dim so it's not too flashy


The Kingston XS2000 is the first portable SSD to use the SM2320 platform from Silicon Motion and the USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 standard with a maximum transfer rate of 20 Gbps on supported devices.

We tried to test its capabilities with CrystalDiskMark, we saw a sequential read speed of 1064.17 Mbps. While the write speed of this SSD is 401.38 Mbps.

Then we had time to test using Disk Speed ​​Test. At writing speed it touched 687.8 Mbps, while reading 836.9 Mbps.

Whereas on AS SSD we see low sequential read and write speeds. Thus the ability to read and write 4K.

Our opinion

Kingston XS2000 has a small size and simple appearance. However it has performed well although we have to need the right device to enjoy the maximum speed that this device has to offer.

If you are looking for an external storage solution with high performance and compact because it can be stored in your pocket, the Kingston XS2000 can be the choice. But you have to spend an extra budget because this device is not cheap, starting from IDR 1.7 million for a capacity of 500 GB.

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