Layang Putus Stir Netizens Emotions on Twitter


The film Layang Putus is currently being discussed on social media. People's hearts were split because of the film.

This web series, starring well-known actors and actresses, namely Reza Rahadian, Putri Marino and Anya Geraldine, has succeeded in making the people of the country feel swept away. There is also a lot of discussion about this film on Twitter's timeline.

Layangan Putus tells about the problems of a third person that arise in the household relationship of Aris (Reza Rahadian) and Kinan (Putri Marino). This film focuses on the married life of Aris and Kinan, who have a daughter named Raya and are expecting their second child.

At first, Aris and Kinan's household ran harmoniously. Where Aris, who was originally romantic, slowly began to change and rarely gave news to Kinan, which made Kinan suspicious. Finally, the suspicion was answered because their household assistant found a pair of earrings that did not belong to Kinan.

The story has attracted the attention of netizens because it can be said that the film stirred emotions about Aris' treatment of Kinan. How come? It can be said that the story raised may be that some of the netizens have felt the same way.

Here are the various comments from people on Twitter's timeline:

"It's not that I don't want to watch the kite break up, but my mental heart is not ready, it's scary, it's scary," said one netizen.

"It's crazy that the kite breaks up based on a true story," wrote another

"The kite broke up from yesterday trending continuously, are you guys watching it??? askshskshsks want to watch it but we're scared to heart," said a netizen.

"Grgr friends, I told you about the Broken Kite, at first it was really bad, then finally I tried to download wetv for the Shutup Kite, finally I was emotional," said another.

"From Layangan Putus we learn that: "if someone treat you like a queen doesn't mean you're the only one," said a netizen.

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