Oppo Find N is not waterproof, but...


Water and dust resistance is a consideration in buying a premium phone. Unfortunately, the Oppo Find N has not yet won IPX8 certification like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is a competitor.

"Oppo Find N does not have IPX8 certification, but this phone is splash and dust resistant. Even in daily use it can withstand rain," said Will Zhou, Product Manager of Oppo Find N during a media interview session.

Zhou said Oppo is more focused on how to provide users with the best foldable smartphone experience at a more affordable price. So the aspect of water resistance is not the main focus.

In order to provide the best experience for folding screen phones, Oppo has installed a Flexion Hinge (curved hinge) which combines 136 components with extreme precision up to 0.01 mm. Flexion Hinge can move smoothly like the movement of joints in the human body.

Comes with a waterdrop-shaped design that widens the fold angle on the screen, Flexion Hinge on the Oppo Find N functions as a buffer when the screen is folded. Thus, the curvature of the screen is up to 80% less noticeable compared to other devices (based on TUV's assessment).

In addition, Flexion Hinge also eliminates gaps between screens when folded, offering a more integrated display and protecting the inner screen from scratches.

The gear and spring structure in the Flexion Hinge allows the device to stand upright when the screen is opened at an angle of between 50 and 120 degrees. Equipped with various software specifically designed for foldable smartphones, the FlexForm Mode on the Oppo Find N gives users the flexibility to use the device in various scenarios.

For example, when using Notes, the Oppo Find N can function as a mini laptop so users can take notes without needing to hold the device. Because the Find N can stand alone, this device can also function as a tripod, making it easier for users to make video calls, join online meetings, or record 4K HD time-lapse videos, without having to hold the device.

No less important The screen on the Oppo Find N consists of 12 layers of Serene Display which provides excellent protection and durability. Serene Display also synergizes with Flexion Hinge perfectly so that the device folds smoothly.

The Oppo Find N screen consists of a 0.03mm Flexion UTG (ultra-thin glass) layer which is smaller than the 0.6mm standard smartphone glass, so the screen can be bent easily and provides strong durability. Serene Display is also very reliable and can be folded and unfolded smoothly up to more than 200,000 times without causing crease lines on the screen. This has also been verified by TUV.

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