Silicone Dolls, Realistic Dolls That Can Be Customized Just Like Yourself


Ivan Gunawan recently published that he has children in the form of custom dolls named Miracle Putra Gunawan (Eqqel) and Marvelous Putra Gunawan (Marvel). He revealed that his son, Baby Eqqel, was a custom doll whose face was taken from a photo of Igun as a child. The doll was a gift from Ruben Onsu.

Custom silicone dolls have actually been around for a long time, but they look more realistic in this era. One of them is baby Monroe who is the 'child' of Kellie Eldred.

"See, if you press his arm (baby Monroe -- ed), it will take some time for the skin to come back right?" he said in an interview with The Guardian last year. Eldred is one of the people who collect silicone dolls that can be customized. He also has his own YouTube channel for the baby.

There are many brands that make realistic custom dolls, one of which is sold by Etsy. The structure of this doll is quite similar to a real baby weighing up to 1 kg or more.

"The head and limbs are made of soft vinyl, and cloth. The doll's limbs can be active. The doll can sit, but cannot stand or talk," one description of the doll wrote. The price also varies, generally millions. One of them is 'Darren Reborn Baby Brown Hair'.

There are also several brands that offer custom realistic baby dolls. The baby can be made similar to what the customer wants. In addition, there are also those that provide a cry box (a box that makes the sound of a baby's cry) and a 'belly plate' so that baby dolls can be fed.

Is it the same as a medical training doll? The possibility is different, because medical training dolls are dolls made with 'anatomical' equipment. One of the famous brands is Nickie. This baby doll can be used to train staff to perform tracheal tube suctioning, gastrostomy care, urethral catheter insertion, and airway emergencies.

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