Teenager Bully Victim Now Becomes a Rich Bitcoin Owner


Only 18 years old, this teenager claims to be rich thanks to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency business. He already has a luxury car and often treats his friends.

His name is Samuel Snell who lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. In high school, he was a victim of peer bullying, but has now forgotten about the bad experience along with his success.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Samuel founded the Crypto Gods crypto community with 3,000 members. There, he teaches crypto investment methods and strategies. Participants must pay to receive the course.

He sometimes shows off being able to earn up to USD 27 thousand in a day. Sometimes he takes his friends on vacation from the profits.

He currently owns two luxury Mercedes cars, one of which is worth USD 350 thousand. Samuel also enjoys wearing luxury Rolex watches.

Samuel claimed to have a mission to show that age is not a problem for online wealth, especially in the current era of crypto money.

"I started all this in 2014 and my teacher at the time said that I shouldn't waste time in the crypto business. Now, I have the biggest crypto group that makes money for people," he said.

However, not everyone was impressed by Samuel's claim. "I don't believe in the course," said one netizen.

Samuel was asked to show the steps how to make profit as he claimed. "If this kid really wants other people to make money, he will certainly reveal it," said another netizen.

Some even believe that Samuel's car actually belongs to his parents. "This is definitely not true. At the age of 18, he knows nothing about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin."

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