The Metaverse Is Afraid to Be a 'World of Deceit'


The metaverse universe is being echoed loudly by Meta as the parent company of Facebook and recently followed by other companies because it is believed to be the future of the internet. However, several parties voiced their concerns about the metaverse, one of which was the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen.

Haugen recently made a lot of news because he leaked that Facebook is said to just let content that incites traffic on social media instead of protecting users. Then that Facebook also has a system that allows famous users to escape the rules that apply to ordinary users.

In the metaverse campaigned by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, users will have an avatar that will represent themselves in the online world. According to Frances, this can have a negative impact because it becomes a kind of world of deception that makes users feel inferior to themselves in the real world.

"When you enter the metaverse, your avatar is more handsome or more beautiful. Your clothes are better than in the real world. The apartment is more stylish, quieter," he said, as quoted by us from the Independent.

"Then you take off your headset and brush your teeth at night. And it's possible that you don't like yourself in the mirror anymore."

"I'm really worried that people will look at their apartment, which isn't as nice, and look at their face or body, which isn't as nice and say, I'd better put on a headset. I don't hear Facebook has any clear plans about it," he continued.

Apart from that there may be other issues related to microphone or camera which can spy on user activity. It could be that the user is not clearly explained about this when entering the metaverse world.

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